“How am I supposed to walk in that?”

We’re sure you’ve seen the recent coverage of one temp’s fight calling for the law to be changed so companies can no longer force women to wear high heels to work, click here to read the full story.

Working from a small, friendly and casual office, we’ve got a fairly relaxed approach to what people wear, so heels, suits, and enforced dress codes aren’t an issue for us but we loved this film from @Stylistmagazine, which points an uncomfortable, although hilarious perspective on high heels; no one is pointing a gun at our heads to wear them, but many of us do.   Lots to think about with this one….

It brought to mind Naomi Wolf’s brilliant book ‘ The Beauty Myth’.  Written back in 1990, it is a damning feminist perspective on society’s and women’s treatment of themselves.  It’s 26 years old now, but amazing how little has changed.

Well done to Stylist Magazine, for so brilliantly and pertinently capturing the zeitgeist, and encouraging us all to think more deeply about the underlying issues, whilst being laugh out loud funny.



British Men Try High Heels For A Day https://youtu.be/ZR5c5f8lcxY via @YouTube